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AI for Drug Discovery and Healthcare
時間: 2018年11月30日(五) 10:00-10:20. 南港展覽館404會議室


The current drug development process is expensive and inefficient. The average expenses in one FDA-approved drug are around 2.63 billion USD. Moreover, 92% failure rate in drug development. Therefore, Insilico Medicine, landed in Feb. 2014 in Rockville, Maryland, United State of Amedica, combines genomics, big data analysis, and deep learning for the in silico drug discovery. The company is developing the end-to-end Insilico AI engine covering entire pharma drug discovery process from hypothesis generation and target identification to real-world evidence collection. While most other AI startups focus on specific verticals and applications in a disconnected manner, Insilico AI engine aims to bridge biology, chemistry, and digital modules into one seamless learning pipeline enabling our AI scientists to take on previously incredible chemistry and biology tasks. The subsidiary Insilico Taiwan aims to complete the development of the AI engine, validate our leads and expand our business into Asia.

主講: 曾曉慧博士/事業發展部主任 Anne Tseng, Ph.D./ Head of Business Development
主辦單位: 英科智能有限公司 Insilico Taiwan Ltd.
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