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Mentee Application Form
Apply here to participate in Muslim Women Connect's Mentorship Program from April 2019 to September 2019.

Please read all of the information below carefully before applying.
Please note you must meet the following eligibility criteria to participate in the program:

1) You must be Muslim, female and aged 18-28 during the program.
2) You must live in London or live within a *commutable distance of London, if you live outside the city.
3) You must meet with your mentor face-to-face or through **Skype at least once a month for 6 months during the program.
4) You must attend all three of the masterclasses hosted by Muslim Women Connect, to facilitate your development during the program.
5) You must fill a monthly action plan each month, logging the progress of your mentorship.

*Muslim Women Connect defines commutable as not exceeding more than 90 minutes in total. Please note that Muslim Women Connect will not reimburse any travel expenses incurred during the program.

**Skype matches between mentees and mentors may be created in exceptional circumstances, where a mentor is unable to meet with a mentee face-to-face and is the only suitable match for the mentee. Please note that only mentors are able to state a preference for Skype when they apply for the program.

Commitment to the program requires approximately 2-3 hours per month including travel. Please consider your current personal circumstances when applying.

If you are completing this application on a desktop, we recommend you read through the questions and fill these offline on a separate word document first, as this form will not save your answers while you write.

If you have any further queries about the program or require any assistance, please contact:

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Primary Address [April 2019-September 2019] *
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Online Profiles - LinkedIn / Twitter
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This information will assist our recruitment team in sourcing a suitable match if you are shortlisted for our program and will not be used to assess your eligibility for our program.
Highest Education Level to Date *
If you have completed or are still studying towards qualification/s, please state which area and your point of study e.g. A Level student in... [Please state N/A if not applicable] *
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About You
This is your opportunity to offer us a full picture of your character and your goals.

We're not looking for generic answers, we want to know about you as an individual.

We are looking for two key traits in your answers:

1. Clarity - in your aims and what you aspire to attain from the program
2. Integrity - in your ability to abide by Muslim Women Connect's values and requirements.

What achievement are you most proud of and why? [50-175 words] *
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Name three of your key strengths and weaknesses [50-175 words] *
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Why are you interested in being part of Muslim Women Connect's mentorship program? [50-175 words] *
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How will you professionally and personally benefit from having a mentor? [50-175 words] *
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Where would you like to see yourself in one year? [50-175 words] *
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If you plan to find a way to give back to the community after being mentored, how would you do this? *
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Please provide details of your extra-curricular activities and interests. *
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Situation Judgement Questions
Here are two real life situations that have taken place on our mentoring program. To assess your suitability for the program, we would like you to give us an honest answer of how you would respond to each situation.
You travel for over an hour to see your mentor, only to wait for 45 minutes and find she has failed to arrive. What do you do? *
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You have been sent an email by Muslim Women Connect, stating the date of your next obligatory employability skill masterclass. However, you forget to put this in your diary and accidentally make plans with your friend, who has booked expensive train tickets to visit you on the same day. What do you do? *
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Your answers in this section will help us to determine a suitable mentor match for you, if you are selected.

Our final decision is based on your development needs and the expertise provided by mentors who come through our recruitment pipeline.

What key skills do you wish to develop? *
Are there any particular career paths you are interested in? *
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Is there any other information that you believe would assist us in selecting you to be a mentee?
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Have you ever had a formal mentor before? *
I will commit to attending an induction for the mentoring program in April 2019 *
I will commit to initiating contact and meeting with my mentor face-to-face once a month between April 2019-September 2019. *
I will commit to completing a monthly worksheet to log the progress for each of my mentor meetings. *
I will commit to attending three masterclasses with my fellow mentees on the program between April 2019 and September 2019. *
I agree to have my data shared with all team members from Muslim Women Connect for future opportunities and monitoring & evaluation purposes. [Excluding third party organisations] *
These questions will assist us in improving our recruitment process and will not affect your application to Muslim Women Connect.
How did you hear about the MWC Mentoring programme? *
How would you rate our application process? *
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