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STARBASE Teacher Survey-Rapid City
We love to hear your feedback! Please answer the following questions to let us know how you think we are doing. Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey. Have an amazing day!
Please tell us the name of your school: (optional)
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How many years have you attended STARBASE with your class?
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Attending STARBASE with my class has had a positive influence on me personally:
No, not really.
Yes, I loved the experience!
My school principal strongly supports our STARBASE attendance.
No, not really.
Yes, absolutely!
Do you feel that the five days spent at STARBASE are a valuable use of your class time?
Do you feel adequately prepared for your class to attend STARBASE given the timeliness of materials provided i.e. Call Sign Sheets, Parent Consent, etc.
Do you plan on using any of the content your students worked with at STARBASE as enrichment activities in your classroom?
Please tell us how you feel about the following lessons:
Loved it!
Liked it!
It was ok.
Did not like it.
This is irrelevant to content standards.
Meets a content standard.
Metric Missions (Measurement)
Newton's Laws (CO2 Cars)
Eggbert (Engineering Design Process)
Computer Aided Design (Engineering)
Little Bits of Energy (Technology)
Molecular Models (Chemistry)
Navigation and Mapping (Applying Technology)
Fly on the Ceiling (Geometry)
Atmospheric Properties (Fluid Mechanics)
Physical/Chemical Changes (Engergy)
Chromatography (Physics and Chemistry)
Tour (STEM Careers)
Buoyancy (Fluid Mechanics)
Robot Putt-Putt (Geometry)
Eggbert Extension (Mathematics)
Robotics Challenge (Technology)
How do you feel about your level of participation while attending STARBASE?
How do you feel about the Completion Ceremony being open to parents and guests?
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In what ways do you feel our program could better support you and your students during the STARBASE experience?
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Please tell us your overall thoughts about the STARBASE Program. We value your feedback!
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