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2017-2018 Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School's Title 1 Stakeholder Survey - Parents
Your input matters to everyone at Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School, please take a moment to complete this survey. Thank you.
Bethune Middle School encourages parent involvement and effective communication. Would you like to be involved? ​Please select various ways in which you would like to contribute to our school.​ *
​How frequently do you participate in activities at your child's school? *
What are the best times for you to participate in programs & parent input meetings at Bethune Middle School? *
Is there anything that prevents you from being involved such as: *
What is the best way to provide 2-way-communication between Bethune Middle School and parents as well as send notifications about upcoming events? *
How far in advance should we notify parents/guardians of upcoming events?​ *
How well does school leadership create an environment in which staff, parents, and the community work together to improve student achievement? *
What type of informational programs would you like the school to provide for students and parents? *
How would you like to see the 1% spending that is set aside for family engagement used at Bethune Middle School? ​​ *
​Please list your personal talents/hobbies that you could use to aid student achievement/engagement (ex: Dance, Writing, etc.) *
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​In the past year, how often did you attend a parent meeting or event to help you work with your child to do better in school?​​ *
What ways can our school help support you with your child to do better in school? *
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How often do you work with your child on homework? *
How often do you monitor your child's grades through Infinite Campus? *
​How often do you have conversations with your child about what they are learning in school? *
​Please indicate whether you've received the following information from Bethune Middle School *
Received and very helpful
Received, but not helpful
Definitely did not receive
Information about what the school teaches your child
Information on the Georgia Milestones
Information on how your child scored on the Georgia Milestones
What a score on the Georgia Milestones means
Information on the MAP Assessment
Information on how your child scored on the MAP Assessment
What a score on the MAP Assessment means
How to access information on Infinite Campus
How to keep track of your child’s progress
Information used to determine whether your child moves to the next grade or repeats the same grade
How you can work with teachers to help your child in school
​Is the information being sent home easy to understand? If not, please explain why (Ex: language barrier) *
In the past year, did you participate in any of the following? *
Yes, I participated
No, I did not participate
I was not informed
I do not know
Parental involvement activities
Parental Involvement Plan
Input regarding use of Parental Involvement Funds
School-Parent Compact
Title I Program Services
School Improvement Plan
How can our school provide more opportunities for you to participate in decision making and overall academic achievement? *
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