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NL-CI Festival 2020-helper registration
There is a limited amount of places available for helpers.

Please fill in all the fields with * below.

- After submitting this form, you should receive an Automatic confirmation email in a few minutes.

- Next, wait for our Personal confirmation-email that you can be a helper for the festival.
We will send that to you in a few days.
* Only AFTER that personal confirmation, pay your Deposit.
Email address *
Registration for Helpers
Dear dancer - helper,
We are happy to receive your application for coming and registering as a helper and co-creator for the Contact Festival 2020 in the Netherlands. During these days we would like to create a community where we dance together, eat together and sleep together - taking responsibility for creating a big body of dance that moves as one during the festival.

Some information regarding the festival will follow below - please take the time to read it and if you still have some questions or would like to receive more information, please feel free to send us an email.

A few days prior to the festival we will send you an email with some extra information.

With warm greetings and looking forward to dancing with you,
The Dutch Festival team,
Tom, Janine, Robin, Sebas and Lana
* As a helper we wish for you to experience as much of the dancing and jams as possible, and would need to ask your assistance of roughly 3-3.5 hours a day ; there will be different teams - making sure that the space is clean for dancing, or helping in the kitchen around (before and after) the meal time.

* We will also be there 2 days before the festival to meet each other, dance together, to build the big tents, and to set the space together.

* We expect all the helpers to be there this whole time : 5 - 12 July
Arrival : Sunday 5 July in the afternoon.
Helper fee € 250
* As a helper you pay a reduced price of € 250.
This includes all the workshops, classes and jams during the Festival.
And also all the meals and sleeping in your own/communal tent at the ijsbaan-Haarlem, during the festival and the two preparation days.

** Please, first wait for our personal confirmation, that you can be a helper, before you pay your deposit.

* In order to complete your registration process - you will need to transfer a deposit of € 125,- , to the bank account listed below.
[ In case you are able to transfer the full amount of € 250, that will help us to make the registration procedure during the first day of the festival much easier. That will be a lot appreciated : -) ]

--> Please transfer it to: NL46 INGB 0008 2442 89 on the accountname of "Contactimprovisation Festival Netherlands".
--> Please Always add your *full name* in the description; and the words "NL CI festival 2020 helper"

Once we have received your transfer we will send you a second confirmation E-mail letting you know that you have secured your place at the festival.
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Country *
Phone number *
this will be kept secret for other participants
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1st Choice Intensive *
2nd Choice Intensive *
If your first choice intensive is full, you will be assigned to your second choice.
Allergies? *
The food will be vegan with vegetarian addition
Sleeping *
Good to know: The sleeping ground is 2.7km from the dancing location. In the registration answer, we will send you two camping sites in the area which you might book yourself instead (choose "another place" below).
Offering housing for a participant *
I will be bringing a...
It is good for the festival to know if you are bringing a bike or a car.If you are willing to offer transport during the festival to and from the sleeping place, that would be very practical.
Can we share your email + ZIP code for car sharing ? *
Later, we will send a list of participants (name, email and zip-code) to help you coordinate car-sharing.
ZIP-code ___ (or leave blank if you don't want to be on that list)
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Can you help us to post flyers? *
My postal address for sending the flyers to
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1) I recognize that the organizers, helpers and teachers cannot be held liable for any loss, damages or injuries. 2) The Festival will take promotional footage (video and photos). If I do not want to be photographed or filmed, it is my own responsibility to inform the photographer/videographer regarding my wishes. 3) By registering for the festival, I confirm that the information I provided is correct *
Other remarks
if there is something you want to know or mention, please do it here!
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The Netherlands Contact Improvisation Festival Team
Tom, Janine, Robin, Sebas & Lana -
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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