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Do you want to help AlmaLinux out by staffing a booth at an event? This year we're reaching out to folks who want to attend an event, but wouldn't otherwise be able to! If you can commit to staffing a booth for at least half of the event time, then we'll cover your travel costs, your hotel, and give you a per-diem for your food and travel-related costs. 
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Unfortunately, we can't take event staffing volunteers under 18 years of age at this time. 
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This lets us figure out who might be close to our events!
What languages do you speak, at least well enough to engage with attendees at an event? *
Being able to engage with users in their native language is a huge help at events.
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Not having done so doesn't rule you out, it just tells us not to send you to an event alone your first time. :) 
Are you willing and able to travel internationally? *
It will be unlikely that we'll ask you to travel outside your country, but just in case!
Have you given a presentation in the past? *
If yes, what was the topic that you covered? Please include a link to a recording, if it exists!
Would you be willing to submit and present on an AlmaLinux-adjacent topic for events in the future? *
If yes, what topics do you feel most comfortable presenting on? 
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You'll get an AlmaLinux shirt to wear for the event (more than one, if it's multiple days). Enter your shirt size here! *
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