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Regional Development Officer Application
Affiliated stations of the National Student Television Association are divided into regions of the country. Each region has a Regional Development Officer (RDO) . Each officer is responsible for looking after stations within their region, to encourage collaboration and help stations reach their full potential. With the increasing number of affiliate stations, Regional Development Officers have become vital in retaining a more personal and informal level of communication with member stations. Each region is unique, meaning the style of activities will vary by region however general responsibilities include;

- Establishing a means of communication with station managers/representatives in the region
- Instigating the opportunity for stations in the region to perform cross collaboration by providing links where appropriate. This can include the suggesting, producing and/or facilitation of collaborative productions.
- Relaying NaSTA related information and news to stations in the region
- Acting as first line support to stations in the region, dealing with any queries or difficulties they may face
- Providing NaSTA with updates on any recent developments to stations in the region
- Coordinating the organisation of regional events, whether it be a regional convention with sessions held by guest speakers, or trips/outings to a place of industry
- Liaising with local businesses, companies and television stations on potential future developments with NaSTA

Many stations have expressed an interest in collaborating with each other; it would be fantastic for the RDOs to help facilitate these collaborations. A lot of stations can feel left out in the dark when it comes to participation with NaSTA, therefore it is up to the Regional Development Officer to ensure that NaSTA related activities and news spreads across to all areas.

We are looking for Regional Development Officers

- Scotland
- West Midlands
- West & Wales
- South Coast
- Northern England
- Eastern England
- London & Home Counties


- Applicant must have been involved within student television in the last 13 months

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