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No More Callers!
Electronic bird callers are illegal and cannot be used for trapping or hunting of birds. Unfortunately the use of such callers is widely abused and goes on unabated across Malta and Gozo. It is also detrimental to all those who live by the countryside or in the outskirts of our villages.

Have you encountered such calls in the countryside recently?

If you did, please fill in this form and provide us with all information requested so that we can take action. We will treat personal details with confidentiality.

Here is an example of an illegal electronic call for Golden Plover:
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Locality where callers are being heard *
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GPS location (if you trace the location on click what's here on the location given and provide us with the coordinates e.g. 35.907205, 14.445176)
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Have you reported the matter to police before? If so, let us know what the response has been *
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Do you have any audio/video files of the callers? If yes, please (i) email to (personal details will be kept confidential) or (ii) send them by providing us with the link below
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Electronic bird callers have an immense impact on wild birds. Thank you for helping us report illegalities! #NoMoreCallers
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