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The Delaware State Fair, Inc. Shareholder Proxy Ballot & Gate Pass Fulfillment
Thank you for visiting the Fair’s website specifically designed to allow shareholders to vote their annual proxy, RSVP their shareholder dinner attendance plans, and to immediately obtain their Fair gate pass.
Control ID Number
By entering your Control ID Number, you hereby appoint R. Ronald Draper with the power of substitution, to vote on your behalf at the annual meeting of the shareholders of The Delaware State Fair, Inc. (the “Fair”) to be held in The Dover Building, 18500 S. DuPont Highway, Harrington, DE on June 3 , 2019 at 5:30pm., and at any adjournment or postponement thereof, on the proposals set forth in the Notice of Annual Meeting dated April 30, 2019 as recommended by the Board of Directors.
Please type the Control ID Number (starting with the letter A) located approximately 2" above your name and address on the proxy letter mailed to you: *
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Please provide your email address. Once provided, your email address will only be used by the Fair to communicate with you concerning Delaware State Fair matters. It will not be shared with any other parties or businesses. *
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The Board of Directors unanimously recommends a vote “FOR” (in support of) each of the 2 proposals set forth below:
1. The election of the eighty (80) Directors and six (6) Honorary Directors (listed in the Proxy Letter & Notice of Shareholder Meeting previously mailed to you) to serve a one year term or until their successors are elected, and

2. Ratification of the selection of Horty and Horty as accountants and Nicholas Rodriguez, Esq. as legal counsel for the Fair.

Vote Your Proxy
1. To vote for the election of 80 directors and 6 honorary directors as listed: *
2. To ratify the selection of Horty and Horty as accountants and Nicholas Rodriguez, ESQ. as Attorney: *
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