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Census Kiosk Partner Location Application
Please provide the following information to apply to host a census kiosk. Find more information at [website] and reach out to [email address] with any questions.
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Name of your organization
Type of organization
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Name of your organization's main point of contact for this effort
Email address of main point of contact
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Name of facility/location where kiosk will be located
Address of facility/location where kiosk will be located
Owning entity
Does this location meet the requirements for supporting a census kiosk? [list requirements]
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Hours of operation
Will this location have staff available to assist the public?
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Hours of staff availability
Site phone number
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Computer type (desktop, laptop, tablet) and number of each
Can a phone land line be made available?
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Does this location have a public facing counter?
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Is this location ADA accessible? (see:
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Building type
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Describe parking and transportation availability for the public
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