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Anonymous Incident Reporting Form
McCall Middle School
Note: The information provided will remain anonymous.
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Location of incident *
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Persons involved. *
Who was involved in the incident that you are reporting? Include the first and last names (if you know them) of the targets, aggressors, and any witnesses that were present. Please note that this document is anonymous. If you want to include your name, you will need to do it here.
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Please describe the incident with as much detail as possible.
Use as many direct quotes spoken by the person and/or describe actions in as much detail as possible.
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Have there been any past incidents with the person(s) that you are reporting? Has this person done anything else in the past that you are aware of? Please describe.
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Have you told your parents/guardians?
Are you concerned about retaliation?
I certify that the information I am providing is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that false reporting is subject to criminal prosecution. *
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