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Sergeant-at-Arms Captain Application
Please read this part thoroughly prior to starting the application process.

Thank you for your interest in the Sergeant-at-Arms Captain program for the upcoming 73rd California-Nevada-Hawai'i District Convention! The SAA Team is gladly welcoming returning District Convention attendees to apply and will be looking forward in reading and reviewing every application entry.

SAA Captains will have the unique opportunity to gain experience on what it's like to serve on a district sub-committee through engagement in team teleconference calls, pre-convention prep, and Code of Conduct enforcement at District Convention 2019.

The applicant reviewing committee consists of SAA Coordinator Jessica Lee, DCON Chair Minah Yang, and Mentor Mr. Victor Chan. Please ensure that, if appointed, you are willing to let the majority of your District Convention experience revolve around your enlisted duties as a SAA Captain.


_________________________________APPLICATION OVERVIEW _____________________________________

Page 1 | Applicant Information

Page 2 | Reminder

Page 3 | Short Response

1. What do you already know about the Sergeant-at-Arms program?
2. Why is it important to enforce the Code of Conduct? Do you think there should be exceptions to the Code of Conduct? Explain.
3. Why do you believe Key Clubbers violate the Code of Conduct? What strategies do you suggest that may result in a decrease in the number of violations?
4. What qualifications, skills or experiences have you had that will make you an effective Sergeant-at-Arms Captain?
5. Do you have any technical/graphic design/video-making skills, or any other qualities you feel we should know about?
6. Given your experience at DCON, what can the SAA Team improve on? How will you contribute to making sure these improvements are carried out?

Page 4 | Kiwanis/Faculty Advisor Reference Information


Please be prepared to provide the following information:
1. Reference Name
2. Reference Position
3. Reference Phone Number
4. Reference Email Address

Page 4 | Miscellaneous

______________________________FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ______________________________

1. What are Sergeant-at-Arms Captains?

Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA) Captains are selected individuals that play an important role at District Convention. All CNH District Key Clubbers are eligible to be a SAA Captain, however members who have been to one or more District Convention are highly recommended to apply! Applicants MUST be attending District Convention.

2. What will SAA Captains do?

Prior to DCON, SAA Captains will participate in team teleconference calls in which they will be assigned tasks and briefed on procedure for convention.

During convention, SAA Captains will have a variety of assignments that will mostly revolve around the Code of Conduct, which will include enforcing dress code, leading SAAs with their shifts, and ensuring safety throughout convention.

3. How long do responses have to be?

There is no recommended maximum or minimum word length for each response.

4. Who can be the person giving a recommendation?

This person must either be either (1) a member of Kiwanis Club or (2) an enlisted faculty advisor from your home club.

____________________________ QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS?____________________________

Contact SAA Coordinator Jessica Lee ( or DCON Chair Minah Yang ( or your respective division's Lt. Governor for any questions, comments, or concerns.

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