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MINI ART MUSEUM - March 2018 - School Application
This year’s MAM Contemporary Art Month exhibition is titled, "Shrinking Island.” Work on view showcases four emerging photographers and is only viewable from March 1-March 31, 2018. After the tour, your students participate in a mini art-making workshop inspired by the exhibition & may visit the MAM gift shop (souvenirs priced $1-$5). Each visit is 2 hours long & can accommodate no more than 50 1st-12th graders.

Admission is FREE for 2 schools on Thursday, March 1 PLUS up to 8 more visits throughout this month!

You may also schedule a 2-hour visit on your campus for $150 (up to 50 1st-12th graders) anytime! Email or visit for more information.

Application deadline: February 9 at 5pm.

You will receive a reply by February 14 at 5pm.

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