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The British National Corpus 2014 - Essay Collection
Dear student/ex-student,

Would you like to contribute to the British National Corpus - a very large research repository of modern British English?

The British National Corpus 2014 is a major project led by Lancaster University to create a 100 million word corpus (a large collection of ‘real life’ language) of modern-day British English.This corpus is used by researchers to understand more about how language works and how it is evolving. Educators, dictionary compilers and the interested public will also be able to access it to find usage examples of modern British English in different genres.

To collect samples of essays for the Written BNC2014 we rely on the generosity of British students and ex-students to give us access to their published texts to incorporate them into the corpus. We are asking you to provide us with copies of any essays written between 2014 and 2018 from as wide a spread of genres as possible. These can be school-level or university-level essays.

You can submit copies of your essays as word documents (doc, docx, rtf etc.) or any other common electronic format. Your contribution to this world-leading language resource will be fully credited in the corpus documentation.

Thank you very much for your contribution.

The Lancaster team.

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