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The purpose of the WCSC Scholarship is to reward and encourage military and DOD civilian family members for excellence in institutional education and community involvement, as they begin, or continue, their pursuit of higher education.

The applicant must be a dependent of a U.S. citizen recognized as a federal employee, contractor, retiree, or active duty member of the U.S. military. The U.S. citizen sponsor must reside and work in the Wiesbaden military community at the time of application deadline. Applicant must have graduated from an accredited high school or hold a GED equivalent. If applicant is presently enrolled in college, he or she must be in a degree or re-certification program at an accredited college, university, or vocational school. Persons awarded full scholarships (e.g. ROTC) or attending service academies are ineligible.
• Applicant must be a valid U.S. ID card-holder. Active duty service members are not eligible.
• Applicants are only eligible to receive an award for a total of two years, whether high school, continuing education, or a combination thereof.

Scholarships will be paid directly to the school of choice upon written notification of enrollment. Scholarships will be awarded for tuition, books, and educational fees. The award remains valid until February 21, 2021. Any unused amount returns to the WCSC Scholarship Fund. All awardees are responsible for ensuring that the proper billing information appears on the application. The WCSC Scholarship Fund is not responsible for late fees due to incorrect billing information. In the event the awardee transfers to a different school, the awardee is responsible for communicating and coordinating with the current school for the return of the check. Once the returned checked is received by WCSC, a new check will be sent to the transfer school.



1. Complete and submit all required fields on the Google Form.
2. Please remember to sign into Google using your google account to have the ability to save your application with completing. If you do not do this, once you close the application without submitting, the application will be deleted.
3. Failure to answer all questions or follow directions will result in disqualification.
4. Verify that you have included all required material.


Two current letters of recommendation must accompany the application.
1. One letter must be from a current or former instructor or employer. The letter should address the potential, work habits, and character of the applicant.
2. The second letter should be from a teacher, an employer, or community member who has observed the applicant’s involvement in the community, and can discuss the applicant’s service, dedication, and volunteerism. The second letter cannot be from a relative of the applicant.
3. The letters must be emailed from the recommender directly to the scholarship chair at Letters emailed to the applicant and then forwarded to the scholarship chair will not be accepted.
4. The applicant’s name should be OMITTED in the body of the letter.


An official copy of your most recent college transcript must be received directly from the college in a sealed envelope or by email to the Scholarship Chair. If you have not yet attended college, your official high school transcript must be sent directly to the Scholarship Chair from the registrar. Complete the request for transcript release from your schools registrar’s office. If you have attended more than one college, ensure the most recent transcript show the cumulative GPA from the other institutions. If not, send an official copy of your transcript from each institution. Mail transcripts to: WCSC Scholarships, CMR 467, Box 7000, APO, AE 09096. Email transcripts to: The WCSC will accept online secure delivery of official transcripts. Verify the procedure with your university and notify the scholarship chair of your intent prior to requesting this method of delivery. Only transcripts sent directly to the scholarship email address will be accepted. Those forwarded through the applicant’s email address will not be accepted.
*Transcripts MUST be date stamped no later than February 21st, 2020 to be accepted.
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