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Rendering a Picture of Morality: Mia tour with artist Rowan Pope
The University of Minnesota's Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS) is pleased to invite UMN graduate students, advanced undergrads, faculty, and local educators to join at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Thursday, September 20 beginning at 5:00pm for an exhibit tour with artist Rowan Pope, whose works relating to the Holocaust are currently on view at Mia's exhibit, "The Mn Twins: Bly and Rowan Pope." Pope is a highly esteemed local artist whose work focuses on narrative to examine a range of human emotions, a path that can lead to a chilling view of humanity.

The exhibit features Pope's work "The Liberation of Buchenwald," which is a digital photo-collage (see below) as well as a drawing; "Pink Scarves," a drawing from a Cambodian genocide survivor's story; and a portrait of Pope's friend Joe Grosnacht, a Buchenwald and Auschwitz survivor whose story inspires Pope's work.

In reference to "The Liberation of Buchenwald," Mia curator Rachel McGarry writes, "The artistic treatment of any atrocity is not without controversy, whether the work is made to memorialize victims or prevent such horrors from repeating themselves. Particularly sensitive in this debate is the appropriation of archival footage of victims in works of art. Facing this fraught dilemma, Rowan believes that telling such stories helps us 'create a guiding ethos and moral system,' which are 'crucial to our survival.' Here (again, see below) he said he tried to show the survivors’ emotions 'at the moment of being liberated from a place as close to hell as I can imagine.'"

The Liberation of Buchenwald (photo-collage by Rowan Pope)
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