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UPDATE: WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING ORDERS BELOW for 2019. You are welcome to make a sponsorship donation or call 919-370-8127 if you want to find out if we can make an additional telegram work before you fill anything out.

We have three options to make the perfect Valentine's gift:
1) LIVE performance: Order an in-person delivery of singing telegram (solo, trio, or the Jackson Center 5!) with a rose and a special message to Chapel Hill/Carrboro/Durham (if you live near but outside this area, contact us!) between the 10th-14th! (we can video tape it if you can't be there!)

2) Youtube telegram: Let us make a personalized video of your chosen song and message sent by email on Valentine's Day (will be a private youtube unless you specify for us to make it public)

3) Share the love: Sponsor a special song delivery for an elderly Northside/Pine Knolls resident. You can donate directly here and avoid the sign up below unless you have specific neighbor or song requests: or

Example Quartet: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" - delivered in front of a crowd!
Example Trio: "My Girl" delivered to Durham DSS
Example Sponsored Delivery: "You are OUR Sunshine."
Example Trio: "I want it that way"
Example Goofy Video: if you just want to send a laugh
Example Video: "Bring It on Home to Me" Solo
Order Directions
Here's the deal:

Fill out the form below. Then make your donation:
- $25 for a personalized video or sponsored telegram to a neighbor
- $50 for delivery to Chapel Hill/Carrboro/Durham at non-peak times (see below)
- $75 for delivery to at peak times specified below
- $100+ just to support great community-building work :)

*Sponsor a Singing Telegram for a Northside/Pine Knolls neighbor by adding $25 to your donation above. Thank you!

Await a confirmation email from us. We will take care of the rest.

Don't wait: limited slots are available!

Time ranges available for delivery of song or video *
Please check specific time range. You are welcome to write us to request a specific time within a range, so we can let you know if we can accommodate it first. There is space to explain below. There are only a few slots for each time, and we will eliminate times as they get filled. Nothing is final until our confirmation!
Your Name *
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Email address *
(for us to send you confirmation)
Your answer
Contact phone number
*to be used only if we have trouble finding the person, not required for video
Your answer
Who do you want the song to be delivered to or personalized for? *
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Song of choice *
Gift of choice
(We will deliver one of the following simple gifts along with the song for in-person song-a-grams!)
Location or contact info of delivery *
*for in person delivery: please provide full address; for video: provide contact information for video to be sent
Your answer
Special directions for delivery *
* for in person: how we find the person-- descriptors of the person and any special directions we should know to find him/her. For video, serious or funny, long or short, any special things you want us to know? You can let us know!
Your answer
Short message you would like us to deliver with the song/gift
(this message will be read in video or in person unless you specify it to be written)
Your answer
Click "Submit" below and don't forget to make your donation (on next page!)
(And email if you have any questions or prefer to give us a check)
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