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Just Brew It Brewers Application:
Just Brew It 2017 will be on June 3rd at the Wedge.

Important to remember that Just Brew It is a BENEFIT for our MEMBERS....We sell memberships, NOT TICKETS. This has always been the case. We recently met with the ALE folks to go over regulations and this is one we have to be very strict on, otherwise the ALE would need to be involved in a much deeper way. Be sure to tell your friends to become members of Just Economics so they can attend Just Brew It.

Please do not forward this link...
We only have a finite amount of spaces
Name of Brewer / Brewers *
Please list your name and/or other brewers to be listed in the JBI guide and the name of your brewery if applicable
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What is your telephone Number? *
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What is your e-mail address? *
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Name of Brewer / Brewers you'd like at your table and/or close to you. *
Please also list if you're sharing equipment so i can be CERTAIN to get you at their table
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What Homebrew Club are you in? MALT? CABREW? etc... *
N/A if you are not... P.S. You should join MALT if you're in WNC!!!
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Do you have a Tent? (10X10) *
JE could really use 10x10 Tents...we will have volunteers to help set it up/break it down. We can help load/unload!
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Do you have an 8 foot table? *
We can help load/unload! It makes things much easier!
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Anything you'd like Just Economics to know? Are we doing something wrong? Should we change something? Feedback?
Feel free to put N/A if you're content...
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Have you participated in Just Brew It before?
How many different beers are you planning on brewing/entering for Just Brew It?
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