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2019-2020 PVHS WASC Student Survey
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School Rules are fair and consistently enforced.
PVHS has the appropriate materials to help me master the academic standards and Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs).
I have the opportunity to take any class offered at PVHS, as long as I have met the prerequisites.
I know that PVHS offers AP classes and I understand the process for requesting the class.
I am aware that PVHS offers after school tutoring in the library.
My counselor monitors what classes I need to graduate and shares the information with me.
I am aware that PVHS has a College and Career Center which offers information on post-high school and career choices.
I am involved in challenging learning experiences.
My teachers use a variety of learning activities.
My teachers always expect the best of me and show me examples of appropriate work.
I am offered and/or participate in learning activities outside the classroom.
The library and computer labs are available before and after school.
Students are generally treated fairly at PVHS.
I know how to access my grades online.
I understand what the results of state assessments mean (CASSPP, ELPAC, etc.).
My teachers usually explain what I did well on each assignment and how to improve my scores on the next assignment.
My teachers allow me to retest/make-up assignments.
School staff is caring and respectful toward students.
I feel safe when I am at school.
When I have personal problems there are adults to help me.
The school offers me many activities and special services.
I use my student tablet regularly.
The student tablets are a valuable tool for student learning.
My teachers expect me to use Canvas, Aeries and other online platforms.
The student tablet is a necessary component of my education.
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