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Innovate Circle Survey
We are building a place for innovation people working across the financial services industry to learn about new products and services. If you have 5 minutes please take this survey so we have your views & interests included. Its completely private and your details won't be shared with anybody.

The first section gauges your interest in the key headings across innovation, we would love your view on them.

Interested in new innovations within global fintech?
Building a network of fintech innovators is important to me and my organisation.
Feedback from peers on our global fintech innovations is important
I find it challenging to be kept up to date about fintech innovation in my sectors.
How do you currently connect with peers in Fintech innovation organisations around the world?
Choose as many as you wish.
Meet ups - Regional events
Social Media eg Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter
Conferences, Workshops.
Online Meetings
We dont
Would you be interested in "innovation-focused discussion groups" that are specifically focused on the areas of innovation you are interested in?
Would you be interested in webinars, where carefully selected guests bringing new innovations to the community?
Would you benefit from online calls, where members can dial into group discussions with global leaders in open and fintech Innovation?
Would you be interested in Fintech lists, where you can add your innovation for review by :
Finally, if you have one what is your go-to website for innovation news and knowledge?
Your answer
In this section, we want to understand and be able to deliver innovation topics that are in line with your priorities and focus in the following areas.
Are you looking for insights on the innovation strategies of other global fintech innovators?
Would you like to receive key learnings from experts on innovation culture?
Would you like to see focused Insights in open Innovation and how it can help your organisation?
Would you like to learn more about innovation hubs, labs and centers of excellence?
Are you interested in learning about creating organic growth in innovation internally and through external partners?
Would you like to receive automatic insights on acquisitions and Integrations from start-ups and peers in financial services innovation?
Are you interested in participating in industry and innovation competitions, awards and recognition programme for fintech?
Are you interested in a fintech directory of knowledge which can be used for your research or contribute to the acquisition of Innovation?
Are you interested in innovation training and coaching programs? We don't supply or sell them we are just interested to see who is using or is curious about them.
Finally a little bit of information about you and your organisation.
We ask this so we can match your sector off our database and deliver more focused results based on industry stream in our survey. We will never give out your email address to another member or 3rd party or send you unsolicited emails.
What is your company or organisation name? if it's a large global operation what division are you in?
Your answer
What is your name? We won't share this with any 3rd parties or use it to send you unsolicited emails.
Your answer
Whats your email address
Your answer
Are you
Are you interested in innovation on?
How many people work in innovation roles or team within your organisation?
Your answer
Your current work activity? - chose as many as you like
Industry sector?
Would like to be kept up to date on global fintech innovation initiatives from innovate circle?
Thanks for completing this survey it will help us all to better identify how to simplify the future and help finserv and fintech work better together.
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