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ADX Life Membership / Co-Working Space Enquiry 共享空間會籍查詢
This is only an enquiry form, availability subject to confirmation 這只是查詢表格,最終由公司確認
Please complete “Personal Particulars” section in ENGLISH BLOCK LETTERS 請以英文正楷填寫個人資料部份。
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Membership Enquiry 會籍查詢
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Please select 1 or more of the below options and our Membership Representative will contact you to arrange for a visit.
Day Pass 一天通行證
(Mon-Fri 9am-6pm , No Locker) (星期一至星期五上午9時至下午6時,無儲物櫃提供)
Hot Desk 不固定辦公桌
(Mon-Fri 9am-6pm , No Locker, Meeting Room Free 2hrs/month ) (星期一至星期五上午9時至下午6時,無儲物櫃提供,每月可享2小時免費使用小型會議室)
Dedicated Desk 專用辦公桌
(24/7 access, Locker, Meeting Room Free 3hrs/month ) (可24小時7天自由出入,有儲物櫃,每月可享3小時免費使用小型會議室)
Shared Private Office 共享私人辦公室
(24/7 access, In-room Storage, Meeting Room Free 4hrs/px/month ) (可24小時7天自由出入,房內儲物櫃,每人每月可享4小時免費使用小型會議室)
Private Office 私人辦公室
(24/7 access, In-room Storage, Meeting Room Free 16-20hrs/month) (可24小時7天自由出入,房內儲物櫃,每房每月可享16-20小時免費使用小型會議室)
Facilities 設施
• 24/7 key card access for Dedicated Desk & Private Office Members 專屬辦公桌和私人辦公室會員可使用鑰匙卡24小時7天自由出入
• Free WIFI 免費WiFi
• Free Tea/Coffee 免費茶/咖啡
• Discount at PhytoFiz Café 在PhytoFiz咖啡廳享受折扣優惠
• Fully equipped health center facilities including Body Measurement, Treatment Rooms, Event Space, Room, Media Booths for reservation 設備齊全的健康管理中心設施,包括身體測量,治療室,活動空間,諮詢室,多媒體房供會員租用。詳情
• Assist ADX LifeWork Members to arrange testing for their clients (DNA Wellness, IgG, IgE, Body Check) 協助ADX LifeWork 會員為他們的客戶安排測試(DNA健康,IgG,IgE,身體檢查)
• Monthly Wellness Fair featuring Member Companies/Offerings, Industry talks, Community gathering 每月的健康博覽會包括會員公司/產品,行業會談,社區聚會
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