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Europlanet NA1 Workshop Proposal Form
Please fill in all the fields regarding the workshops that you are planning and proposing. If you want to propose more than one workshop, please fill in the form separately for each of them. Before you send the form, please familiarize the objectives of the NA1 that are presented on the main page.

NOTE: Anybody, not only the Europlanet member, can propose workshop!

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Who is eligble to make a proposal?
The workshop should support the Europlanet objectives (see below) and organized by some European organization. The proposal may be made by anybody who wants to enhance the scientific return, societal impact and integration of the European planetary science community
Main objectives
- integrate and network the providers of planetary science infrastructures with the users and with the wider European Planetary Science community and European Industrial partners.
- activities will also contribute to broaden international S&T cooperation as well.
- promote innovative measurement techniques in forthcoming planetary science/mission, with commercial and industrial companies including SMEs
- integrate scientists from the Inclusiveness States into EPN2020
- support the inclusion of amateur communities in European planetary science campaigns
- engage young scientists with the European planetary science community
- promote Open Access as a method and tool to disseminate data and research results
- support the activities of EPN2020 with exchange of experts
- link the Europlanet2020 RI with other Horizon 2020 activities.
Workshop Basic Information
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Proposed Workshop Theme
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Planned Workshop Date or Period
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Envisaged Funding Organization
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Proposed Funding from NA1 (in Euros)
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Plans to reach the audience (dissemination plan)
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