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Joining the EvoKE policy task force?
There are many ways you can be involved in this effort!

Please find here a non-exhaustive list of how you can contribute to the Policy Task Force:

- be an active EvoKE policy advocate: contacting your decision/policy makers representative from the international to local level, sharing prepared material,...
- give a hand on specific aspects from time to time: e.g. sharing a contact, helping draft a specfic piece where you have expertise on...
- give regular feedback: not attend meetings but provide comments on documents produced,
- be in the task force core group: attend regular meetings (twice a month to coordinate the work to be done), lead specific tasks (production of one document, being the lead with a society/a structure,...)
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Which role could you be willing to take in the team? (see the form description for more precisions)
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In general, what are you interested in doing ? Being in the core group/give regular feedback: what would regular be reasonnable for you? Giving a hand from time to time, which frequency and which kind of things? Be an active policy advocate: do you already have contacts?
Please use this space as you wish (questions, comments, ...)
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