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Register for a ValueYou volunteer discount card (Lifetimes Wandsworth)
If you have volunteered 100 hours in the last 12 months in the London Borough of Wandsworth you can use this online form to apply for a ValueYou discount card. We also have paper forms and forms that can be emailed if you are unable to use this form (email or call 07926 164 827.

Complete the details required below and you will be sent a 100 hour volunteering achievement certificate by our volunteer organisation partner Lifetimes and we will send you your discount card and voucher.

Required fields are marked with a red asterix. Other fields help us monitor who is making use of ValueYou.

IMPORTANT: You can only use this form if you have the email address of your volunteer manager as they will be emailed as part of our checking processes.
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If you are volunteering for a registered charity please tell us the charity number. If your organisation is not a registered charity but you have been given an eligibility code by your volunteer manager please enter it below.
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Please tick to confirm you have completed 100 hours of volunteering in London Borough of Barnet in the last 12 months. If you have done 100 hours over longer than 12 months you will be able to get a certificate but not a ValueYou card. *
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Email address of your volunteer manager/supervisor. This should be from an official email address containing the name of the organisation you volunteer for e.g. *
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If you do not want a certificate and just want the ValueYou card please tick here.
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