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Honors Credit Application
- To enroll in the Honors Section of your performance music class you must complete the online registration by the deadline given to you by your ensemble director.

- Students who do not register online by the deadline will be placed in the regular section of their performance music class.

- All private lesson, performance, and leadership verification will be submitted online through the music department website at

- All activities used to earn Honors Credit must occur during the school year between the first and last days of school.

- Any alterations to the Honors Credit plan will be considered on an individual basis and must be approved by your director in advance.

Mrs Burkemper, choir-
Mr. Goeke, band-
Mr. Kurinsky, band-
Mr. Penksik, orchestra-

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By checking the box below, I understand that I am responsible for knowing and completing the requirements to receive Honors Credit; that once enrolled in a music class for Honors Credit, I am required to complete the options checked above by the deadlines indicated; that my quarter grade will be lowered by  if I do not complete an Honors Credit requirement by the due date;  and that I am enrolling the in Honors section of my music class for the entire school year.
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