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10 Steps to Positive Discipline
10 Steps to Positive Discipline Post Test
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Positive discipline only focuses on getting children to follow the rules. *
An effective way to help children shift from defiance to compliance is not to allow choices. *
It is developmentally appropriate for a 4 year old to walk quietly down the hall without talking. *
Being consistent is not a characteristic of postive discipline. *
Children learn more through actions than words. *
Positive discipline demands that adults must maintain self-control. *
Discipline is an opportunity to punish instead of teach. *
If we want children to be responsible for their behavior, we should always prevent them from making mistakes. *
By spending 5 mintues of one-on-one time wiht a child, power struggles are reduced by 50%. *
A parent, teacher, or caregiver should focus on communicating with the intention of love, not fear. *
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