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Sunset Valley Science Fair Registration
This form will be used as your registration for the Sunset Valley Science. Please complete all fields in order for your registration to be accepted.
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STUDENT AGREEMENT: I have read through and understand the rules for participation in the science fair. The project that I bring to the science fair will represent my own work and ideas. I will receive only simple guidance and assistance from my parent(s) or guardian(s). I promise to have lots of fun while doing the project and to learn a lot. *
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PARENT/GUARDIAN AGREEMENT: I have read through and understand the rules for participation in the science fair. I understand that while I can play a role in my child's science fair project, that the final project should represent their own work to the best of their ability. Projects will be evaluated by grade and participants will not be expected to exhibit skills beyond their grade level. I agree to only provide simple guidance and assistance appropriate to grade level. I am expected to assist when it would not be safe for the child to work by him/herself (i.e. cooking or hand tools). * *
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