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2017 Annual Canterbury Snow Sale Public Seller Terms and Conditions
1) Delivery of goods to the Canterbury University Snow Sports Club Incorporated (CUSSC) shall constitute the agency where the CUSSC is the Vendors agent to sell the goods on the terms provided. The CUSSC Agency shall be irrevocable by the vendor from the time of delivery until 5:00 pm on May 14th, 2017 (Sale Day). The CUSSC reserves the right to revoke the agency and withdraw the goods from the sale at any time prior or during the sale.
2) The CUSSC reserves the right to refuse or accept goods for sale unconditionally.
3) Upon delivery of the goods to the CUSSC, the Vendor will complete and sign a Sales record, agreeing on a price to sell the goods. Prior to this the Vendor will receive a sticker to place on the goods. This will display a price, size and description of the goods along with the SKU number and barcode. This number will match the SKU number on the goods manifest completed by the vendor. The CUSSC will offer the goods for sale on the sale day by private treaty upon the posted terms and conditions of the sale. The CUSSC reserves the right to charge prospective purchasers an administrative fee.
4) Commission on goods sold will be charged at the rate of twelve and a half (12.5) per cent of the sale price (GST Inclusive). Commission shall be paid by deduction from the sale price. Minimum Commission is $5 on any goods.
5) Payments to vendors will be held for fourteen days after the sale to enable clearance. Payment can be expected 7 days after this by cheque, crossed and marked non-negotiable. A copy of the sales receipt specifying sale prices and the commission will accompany the cheque.
6) Unsold goods may be claimed on the sale day from the CUSSC on production of the Vendor’s copy of the Terms and Conditions (receipt). A security docket will be issued to enable goods to pass through the security checks and removed from the sales venue. Claims are to be made between 5pm and 7pm on the Sale Day.
7) Unsold goods not collected on sale day may be claimed from the CUSSC by arrangement via the said email. A $5 per item administration fee will be charged. Goods not collected will be held by the CUSSC and it is the Vendors responsibility to contact the CUSSC for release of the gear. If the gear is not collected within 3 months of the Sale Day, the gear will become property of the CUSSC.
8) Risk in the goods delivered to the CUSSC shall remain with the vendor until sale by the CUSSC. The CUSSC or any other person involved with the contract of the sale shall not be made in any way liable to the vendor or any other person for loss or damage to the goods after delivery to the CUSSC however caused. The vendor is to make certain that the goods offered are insured under the Vendors Chattel Insurance.
9) The vendor warrants that the goods delivered to the CUSSC are owned unconditionally by the vendor and are not subject to any security or charge.
10) Information concerning the sale by the Vendor herein may be used for statistical purposes by the CUSSC and shall remain property of that association. The Vendor authorizes that the CUSSC is to use such information but in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.
11) While CUSSC will make every effort to ensure goods are presented for sale are complete, they accept no responsibility for missing parts or fastenings.

Gear Pick Up:
Date: 14th May (Sale Day) Times: 5 – 7 pm
If gear is NOT collected at these times, please contact the CUSSC at

This is your responsibility.

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