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CUPSA Sustainability Awards Nomination Form

Cornell University Partners in Sustainability Awards (CUPSA)
The Cornell University Partners in Sustainability Awards (CUPSA) recognize individuals and teams who have exemplified the sustainability values of Cornell, made significant and notable contributions to the sustainable development of the Cornell campus, or displayed outstanding partnership for advancing sustainability within our campus and community.

For more information and full nomination details, please visit:

CUPSA nominations now open.
Awards are presented in three categories: Individual Staff or Administrator, Group (Committee, Club, Class), and Community Partner.
Individual Staff or Administrator
•Individual Staff or Administrator - any current staff member in any college, unit, or administrative department, at any level
Group (Committee, Club)
•Group - broadly interpreted to cover any group of people working together on a sustainability project. May include staff committees, working groups, an informal project team, formal project collaborators, etc.
Community Partner
•Community Partner - any individual or group which works with Cornell University to support, accelerate, or advance shared regional sustainability goals and progress
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Example: Jane Smith, Department Coordinator, CALS, Cornell University OR Jane Doe, Community Coordinator, Ithaca Downtown Alliance
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CUPSA Evaluation Criteria
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Please keep nomination text to under 1000 words. For a Sustainability Champions nomination, 3-4 sentences is Ok! Why should this person be nominated? How do they show leadership or demonstrate sustainability?
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Not applicable for group nomination
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