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Benington Traffic Calming Measures
Please reply by May 15, 2021
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Are you concerned about speeding in Benington neighborhood?
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Please list all locations of concern for you (street names, intersections, addresses)?
Did you support the speed humps measure when proposed in 2017-2018?
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Please explain your reasoning for your position on the 2017-2018 effort.
Would you support a speed hump effort now, this time with fewer speed humps being constructed: approximately 8-12 only on the main arteries (Colchester Ridge Rd, Wenlock Rd, Straw Flower Dr, Shoreham Blvd, Chelsea Rd)?
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The following images from county engineering in 2017 show POSSIBLE speed hump and warning sign locations meeting county engineering requirements (<8% grade, outside of curves 300' or less radius, 200' from major intersections, 200' of centerline visibility beyond curb line, 25' from driveways, 300'-600' spacing).  The possible locations are numbered 1-21 in yellow.  Please list the numbers corresponding to which speed humps you'd like to see installed.  Please indicate if you'd like to see humps in any other locations or change the locations of those shown.
Other methods suggested with the initial 2017-2018 effort including requesting sheriff patrol presence and additional speed limit signage.  One resident pursued the sheriff patrol option but was told the sheriff doesn't have the manpower.  Besides speed humps and sheriff patrol, can you suggest any other traffic calming methods?
Additional thoughts, comments, feedback.
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