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2019 Thanet RC Race Team sign up
The Vision

To Encourage and inspire Thanet RC riders to succeed in cycling.

The Mission Statement

The Thanet RC Race Team is to provide a team environment for club members who are committed to competitive cycle racing. The team will seek to provide an enjoyable and competitive environment for race team members and will have a particular focus on developing young talent from within the club. Race team members will be expected to meet both performance and commitment criteria. They will support each other and behave with good manners and be good representative of the club at all times.

The Agreement

This is a partnership and you should only sign this agreement if you understand it, want to do and above all race for Thanet RC Race Team.
You agree to
• Ride Exclusively for Thanet RC Race Team and no other team or club.
• At all times race in the clean and smart Thanet RC Race Team kit.
• Promote yourself, your team, its sponsors and supporters and act an ambassador for Thanet Road Club and cycling at all times.
• Maintain all kit and equipment provided, which remains club property at all times, in best order and to return same when requested by the club.
• Ride for Thanet RC Race team for one year.
• Will commit to ride in at least 10 races per year. (For TT riders a focus on the KCA events and the
• TTTs).
• Will have, and keep to, a training plan.

You agree NOT to
• Publicly disagree, argue or dispute any direction ruling or instruction given by a club official, organiser or responsible person. You will not comment or criticise or comment upon such people or issues personally or on any Internet forum.
• Fail to attend racing events without which you had previously agreed to take part.
• This Agreement endures from the date of signature until the end of the cycling season (November 2017 - November 2018) and subject to performance and mutual agreement will be renewable.
The Club reserves the right to exclude the rider from the programme for breach of the above terms or such other issue or if the rider wishes to leave the team for any reason and at such an occasion all equipment provided must be returned immediately in good condition and any financial support for that season whether paid or promised must be returned to the club. Signing the agreement below indicates you will abide with all points in the agreement above

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