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ByteMC Staff Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for staff on ByteMC! Please make sure you are in connected to the Discord and don't have any current punishments on any of the ByteMC platforms (Including: Discord, Minecraft). If at any point you have any questions on the application, feel free to create a ticket and ask for KillNTorture to help answer any questions.

In order to become a staff member, you need:
-Skype for Business
-To be an active member of the server and community

Your application will be immediately rejected if:
- It is plagiarized.
- You have any current punishments on the server.
- You constantly ask for the status of your application.
- You don't meet the age requirement (14 years or older).
- You work for another server

Tips for completing a strong application:
- Double check grammar and spelling.
- Make sure your information is correct.
- Make sure you have detail in your application (No one sentence responses).
- Use more than just Minecraft experience.. incorporate real life into your application. We want to read something interesting about you :)
- Try to be unique and not type common answers (Ex: I want to be staff because I want to help the community).
- Be known for being a good person.
- Better punishment history the better.
- Be active on the ByteMC Platforms!

With that being said, please understand that your application may not be read within the first day of you submitting your application. If you have not received a response within 7 days, then it is very possible your application is rejected. Please do not message any manager on discord pertaining to your application, that will automatically reject your application.

Again, thanks for your interest and good luck!

You will get an email response from one of the managers regarding your application.
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