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Habitat Hope Application
Habitat Hope is a program that works with individuals who have a goal of home-ownership but need some help in getting there. The program provides support to help tackle financial issues. This is not an application for a home loan.
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Please mail or drop off copies of 6 weeks of pay-stubs and proof of other income/public assistance to Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, attn: Habitat Hope, 213 E. Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47408.
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Have you ever applied for a home loan, and if yes, were you accepted? *
Which type of financial help do you think you need? (check all that apply) *
What are your housing goals? (check all that apply)
Are you willing to meet with Habitat representatives to discuss your financial situation and to commit the time necessary to create a plan to improve your financial situation? *
Do you agree to follow Habitat's commitment to partnership by arriving on time and contacting your Habitat representative ahead of time if you are going to be late or unable to keep your meeting? Or in the case of an unforeseen circumstance, by notifying your contact as soon as possible after your missed appointment? *
Have you mailed in or dropped off 6 weeks of paystubs and/or other proof of income to the Habitat office? *
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By signing this application below, I/we attest that all information is correct to the best of my/our knowledge and agree that Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County may contact me/us regarding my/our eligibility for this program.
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