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Toronto Bladers Group Registration
If you wish skate with Toronto Bladers groups, kindly take a moment to register with the group. 
We skate every Friday, sometimes Tuesdays and check the annual events that take place on weekends.

We have several groups, (male, female, co-ed/mixed) and do things like slalom, marathon, speed, recreational, etc, and a huge variety of equipment, skater skills and skaters with ages from 25 to 70 which are organized by age group.

Getting to know the skater, contributes to make the event tailored to the skater preferences, skills, equipment, availability, group and event. 

You will be contacted by email with invitations to the events and we advise to use a GMAIL (why) account.

Answer to your best ability and honesty about what you are actually able to do (not what you would like to do).
(Dishonest profiles, will lead to be in events for what the skill and equipment will not measure to the event and rest of the group and be disappointing for all parties)

This form was updated for 2023. Your last submitted form will be the one in effect. You only need to register once, unless something changes for you such as location, availability, skill, skates, etc.

We are on YoutubeInstagram, facebook and Twitter. Follow/subscribe to know what we do and be updated.
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We have male only, female only and co-ed groups.
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Due to legalities as well as matching people with their generational preferences (Juniors, Adults, Seniors, etc)

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