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2018 Whippoorwill Festival Work Trader Application
The Whippoorwill Festival is an all-volunteer, community-run labor of love. A lot of effort goes into making sure this gathering is affordable and fun for everyone. In fact, close to half of the attendees contribute significantly to the work, and the gathering does not generate income. Therefore if you can pay for your ticket, please do so! You can still find opportunities to contribute!

Obviously, then, work traders are critical to the success and community of the gathering. The best work traders are open to doing whatever needs to be done in the moment, show up on time when needed, check in often, and kindly do what they say they will. Basically if you are willing to work and show up, we're happy to have you! Your work schedule may be early morning, late evening, daily shifts, or all at once, depending on the job. Most folks will be asked to report to an early a.m. meeting wherein tasks will be arranged for the day. Areas of need include: pre-festival set up, post-festival clean up, parking direction, meal prep and service, sanitation, and more. We've even added an opportunity for handy-work folks to make items for us to bundle into instructor gifts. This and other pre-and-post-gathering time trades that allow workers to be more present and available for the workshop slots are highly sought for. Be willing to demonstrate your skills in these areas with references.

Work traders receive FREE gathering admission. The free pass includes standard tent camping - there are additional fees if you want an improved campsite or RV site. You will need to "purchase" your free pass AFTER you have been approved by the work-trade coordinators. Email exchange is preferable, so if you don't check your email often or don't respond, note that below.

Work trade hours are valued in trade at $10/hr until covering the cost of your attendance. Partial gathering attendance is possible, but not preferred. For the full gathering, we ask 12 hrs of trade which typically results in a four hour shift each day during the gathering. Expect that working for the gathering will mean that, yes, you forego some workshop time. For instructor gift makers, details of trade will be negotiated with you individually but require at least 30 and as many as 60 items.

The Whippoorwill Gathering workshop schedule begins Fri July 13 at noon and ends Sun July15 with a closing circle at 5p.m., but set up/break down crews can arrive as early as Wed evening and stay as late as Monday afternoon. The site location is Lago Linda Hideaway in Beattyville, KY.

If you have any questions, please include them in the comments below or feel free to contact Once we review your application, we will contact you shortly. Thanks for stepping up and joining the team!

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