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5th Grade 18-19 HMS 2nd Semester Encore Course Requests

Submit your form prior to Tuesday, November 20.

For descriptions of our Encore classes, refer to the link that was included in this email.

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My student WILL BE in Band (answer yes or no below). Remember that all 5th Grade students not in enrolled in Band will be placed in Choir. Students CAN take both band and choir (many do), just note choir in your rankings below as a highly desired class. *
The next seven questions ask you to place class options in order from most desired (1) to least (7). Each class should have a DIFFERENT numerical rank. If a student desires Learning Support, please indicate so. If the student's prior teachers also support that request, he/she will be placed in learning support. Start by typing in your student's grade for 2nd Semester (2018-19). *
PE *
FOREIGN LANGUAGE (requires $50 fee) *
LEARNING SUPPORT (requires teacher recommendation) *
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