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Facilitation Bootcamp Application
Calling dedicated youth organizers/youth leaders:

Become a conscious, effective discussion leader who is able to confidently and authentically lead workshops on Social Justice topics. Bring your expertise and improve your existing skills!

Graduates of the Facilitation Bootcamp will take their skills on the road, bringing YA-YA Network workshops on topics like School Push-out, Direct Action and other elements of being a Youth Activist out to schools and youth programs around the city.

Facilitation Bootcamp meets on Tuesday's and Wednesdays starting September 24th. There is a stipend for successful completion of the bootcamp and for each workshop you facilitate with us as a member of the Facilitation Squad which you'll join upon graduating.

Application Due: September 13th. Contact Ayisha at with your questions.
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You will be asked to participate in challenging activities that build your public speaking, political analysis, and beliefs about knowledge. These are skills and practices important to your growth as a facilitator.
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We will be meeting 5:00-7PM Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The training will start on September 24th and end on October 23rd. Following completion of the training, you will join the facilitation squad and get opportunities to lead the People's Playlist and community based workshops at YA-YA .
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