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Find Your Sheep Challenge Round 2
WE’RE BACK!!! Welcome back to Round 2 of the Find Your Sheep Challenge!

Just in case you missed it the first time, the Find Your Sheep Challenge is a way to make friends and connections from across the many regions of USY. If you sign up, you’ll be paired with someone from outside of your region and given many challenges to help you get to know your partner. The goal of this initiative is to help everyone meet people from across USY, and to ultimately bring USY closer together. We hope that these partnerships turn into long-term friendships and hopefully you’ll get to meet your “sheep” at International Convention later this year!

Happy Sheep Finding!


Sam Bloch and Austin Kaufman
2019 USYer Connection Chairs

P.S. We suggest that you give your personal emails and phone numbers so your partner can contact you easily.
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