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Adopt-A-Dog Inc. Volunteer Application
The purpose of the Adopt-A-Dog volunteer program is to provide a welcoming environment where our organization can create a positive impact on our community and give people the chance to dedicate their time making a difference into the lives of homeless animals any way they can.
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Why have you decided to volunteer with Adopt-A-Dog? (Community Service, School Project, Free Time?) *
If you responded Community Service for the last question, please tell us who is requiring the community service. (Example: court, school, etc) If you are not signing up to volunteer for community service, please write N/A. *
Have you volunteered with Adopt-A-Dog in the past? *
Have you volunteered with a shelter before? *
Do you have restrictions that would limit your working with animals (Disabilities, Illnesses, Allergies (pets, bees, peanuts))? (Please note- having a disability,etc does not disqualify a volunteer from working with our animals, but we recommend that volunteers be in good physical condition to volunteer as some tasks may be physically demanding). *
By being an Adopt-A-Dog volunteer, you may be asked to assist in tasks that may involve cleaning areas, general housekeeping and property upkeep. Are you will to contribute to these responsibilities? *
Do you have experience around animals? Any pets? If yes, please explain: *
Are you nervous around any particular size or breed of dog? *
What volunteer opportunities are you interested in? (Please check all that apply) *
Tell us more about yourself. Do you have any special talents? Abilities? Connections? Training?
Volunteering is very important to Adopt-A-Dog. Is there a set day or number of hours each week you can devote to assisting with our program? If not how many hours do you need/want to accomplish? *
Availability: (Please check all that apply) *
Are you volunteering for a temporary period of time? If yes, please explain *
Are you willing or interested in providing a foster home for a pet? *
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? *
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