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Frederick P. Siegel Innovative Teaching Award (Fall 2016)
What is the Innovative Teaching Award?
The Frederick P. Siegel, PhD Innovative Teaching Award recognizes faculty who have developed an innovative teaching style (originality, demonstrated significant impact on teaching effectiveness, student learning and/or retention, potential for widespread use within or across disciplines, potential for scalability).
What are some examples of innovative teaching?
Innovation in education involves 1) challenging students to think critically, communicate lucidly, and synthesize broadly in order to solve problems; 2) adopting a philosophy of evidence-based education; and 3) minimizing the use of the majority of classroom time for simple transmission of facts (AJPE 2009;73(8):Article 154). Examples may include, but are not limited to: collaborative teaching and learning practices, distance education, E-learning, blended learning; learner-centered, team-based and problem-based learning approaches).
How do I nominate an instructor?
Please qualify your nomination by briefly describing the innovative technique and how it promotes learning.

Sample student nomination:

I think Dr. X in the XYZ course qualifies for this award. Dr. X has attempted to incorporate a different approach to enhancing student learning throughout this semester. In particular, Dr. X would provide us with an article to read before class which started to get us all on the same page about a particular topic. She/he would then give us a case scenario to work on in groups, and have each group defend the recommendations they came up with. This occurred multiple times during the semester. I felt this helped promote my own personal learning because not only was I able to apply the information I learned from the article I read, but I was also able to see how my classmates approached the case. Whether the groups had different recommendations or the same ones, there was always something I learned that I did not know before. In addition to learning, I also felt I improved in my communication and teamwork skills with this approach. Dr. X definitely qualifies! Please consider him/her for this award.

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