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THE WEISSMAN FOUNDRY HONOR CODE As a member of the Foundry community, I promise to adhere to the following principles: 1. I will respect others. 2. I will help to facilitate an inclusive, tolerant and receptive environment in the Foundry, where all are physically, emotionally, and mentally-safe to fully express themselves and their opinions. 3. I will alert Foundry staff if I am subject to, witness or overhear an act that I feel may bring physical, emotional, and/or mental harm to myself or an individual or group with in the Foundry community. 4. I will only use Foundry equipment on which I am fully trained. 5. I will act with honesty and with integrity to ensure exceptional care of Foundry equipment, studios, tools, and materials. 6. I will respect others’ belongings in the Foundry. 7. I will notify Foundry staff if Foundry equipment and/or studios are damaged. 8. I will actively engage other working in the Foundry to foster a collaborative, exploratory and resourceful workspace where innovative ideas can flourish.
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