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Intent to Return BPHS
Dear Bronx Prep Families,

Congratulations on nearing the close of another school year. Because of your Hard Work, your scholar is one step closer to Going to College and Changing the World! As you know, our commitment to you when you enrolled at Democracy Prep was that we would ensure your child is successful in college and beyond and lives a life of active citizenship. We are eager for all of our scholars to continue with us in the upcoming year. After all, at Democracy Prep, we play the long game and we're confident that if you stay with us, we will deliver on that promise of success in the college of your choice. If you are feeling unsure about whether your child will continue with us, we need to know this immediately so that we can discuss your concerns and try to work through them. But, ultimately our goal is to help you find the best educational institution for your child moving forward, even if it is not with us. If you choose another option for your child next year, we would like to have the opportunity to offer your child's seat to another scholar who needs it.

Please use the email form below to let us know whether you expect your child to return next year. A hard copy of this form was also sent home on Monday, April 15. Please either complete the survey below or send back the completed hard copy to school with your scholar by Wednesday, May 15.

Please note that if you do not reply, your seat at Democracy Prep may be filled by another student on our student waiting list.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Natasha Trivers
Democracy Prep Public Schools
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