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2019 Rack Captain Application
2019 Rack Captain
Requirements and Responsibilities
• Open to current Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors
• Must know how to properly hang and care for all uniform pieces
• Be willing, able, and have parental permission to remain later than most marchers after football games and home competitions
• Be available on, and respond to, group and individual text strings for providing and gathering information
• Must also be: patient, hard-working, reliable, creative, energetic, willing to do anything, FUN-LOVING!!
• Responsible (with another Captain) for one rack of approximately 12-18 dress uniforms
• Teach new marchers to properly store uniform pieces after each performance
• Help marchers dress; inspect for dress code compliance
• Ensure that each uniform on your rack has been hung and stored properly after each performance
• Ensure that uniforms are hung in order after each performance, at home at away competitions and at Grand Nationals.
• Guide marchers with uniform problems/issues to U-Crew team
• Be the U-Crew eyes and ears and report problems, complaints, issues, difficulties marchers are having if/when uniform pieces interfering with performance
• Bonus: able to assist U-Crew with uniform fittings (helping teach new marchers to hang/store uniforms, labeling, check-in, etc.) in May and/or July
• Bonus: able to assist with training and informational videos
• Have fun and laugh a lot!
• Extenuating circumstances (like heavy rain!) can change protocol for undressing and/or storage of uniforms. Rack Captains become key U-Crew team members to relay information and provide extremely valuable assistance to marchers.
Before you apply, please make sure that you are able to fulfill these responsibilities in addition to other band, school, work, home, and life responsibilities. We hope all our Rack Captains enjoy what they do and enjoy working with us, but it is a big commitment.
We do not have a final count for Rack Captains we will need for 2019. Initial selection will tentatively be:
• 1 Super Captain,
• 32 Rack Captains,
• 10-12 Rack Captain Alternates (may become permanent when final number of racks is determined).
• Several people will also be U-Sibs meaning they are assigned to assist another marcher who is not confident or uncomfortable hanging his/her things, or consistently struggling with his/her uniform.

Everyone will be notified via email before the Official 2019 Rack Captain Roster is posted.

For questions or concerns please email Lisa Corey at uniforms@masonband

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Have you been a Rack Captain before?
Did you apply for Marching Band Leadership
Are you available to possibly help the U-Crew with Senior Uniform Fittings at the end of May?
Are you available to help U-Crew with some Uniform Fittings mid-July to early August?
Are your parents ok with you often arriving early, and always leaving later than everyone else after football games and performances?
Would you like to help record Uniform Training videos?
In 30 words or less, why do you want to be a Rack Captain?
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In 30 words or less, why is your uniform important, or what does it mean or represent to you?
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If we have more candidates than positions, would you be interested in being a Uniform Buddy for an underclass marcher who needs extra assistance and instruction with his/her uniform?
What would be your 3 favorite treats if you were a Rack Captain or Uniform Big Sib?
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Applications are due May 10,2019. Selections will TENTATIVELY be posted May 17, 2019. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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