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SAFA Competition Sanction Application
ADM-03 Ver: 20200620

Competition organizers wishing to apply for a sanction need to give the Competitions Committee relevant details through the form provided below. Applications through the previous pdf form are no longer accepted by the Competition Committee.

Please refer to the competition manual in its latest version for the full list of requirements to obtain a competition sanction. The Competition Committee may request further information via email to support an application. The Competition Committee may alter aspects of a competition if there is a clash with other competitions, or for any reason.

The CC may consider any sanction application at any time, but once awarded, sanctions will not be revoked unless there are extenuating circumstances to warrant a change.
Competition Title (name of comp) *
Sanction application for season *
Competition Organiser *
Organiser email address *
Organiser mobile phone *
Competition Director *
Objective of the competition *
Competition web address
HGFA sanction level applied for *
CIVL / CIMA - FAI Class of Competition *
If the organiser is seeking an FAI sanction, please provide the category applied for or 'none' if no FAI sanction is sought.
Do you want a CIVL/CIMA Category 2 sanction *
NOTE: If the competition is to be CIVL Cat 2, then, 1.5 full entry fees must be paid to SAFA and the competition must be open to international participation. Where a competition receives sanction under the competition manual, the Competitions Committee reserves the right to establish additional conditions that must be satisfied for the sanction to apply.
Date - Practice Day
Date - Competition Start *
Date - Competition End *
Alternative dates if clash
Expected competitor numbers *
Competition entry fee *
Previous experience of Competition Director *
Sites to be used *
Expected level of prizes / prize money
Type of flight verification to be used *
Scoring system to be used *
How will scores be published?
What type of prize giving ceremony will there be?
What advertising will be used to publicise the competition?
What services will the competition offer the pilots and support crews?
Link to the local rules
To ensure alignment of local rules to the competition manual, competition organisers are required to provide a copy of the local rules at the time of sanctioning. Any amendments to the local rules thereafter require approval by the Competition Committee. Please provide a link to the local rules (e.g. a competition website or a document stored on a cloud drive)
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