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Brookings Community Theatre 22nd Season Director Application
Thank you for your interest in directing for Brookings Community Theatre.  The purpose of this document is to outline the application and selection process, as well as to clarify our selection criteria.

BCT does have some required qualifications for directors:
 - Previous Theatre Directing Experience
Previous Experience is at least one:
1. Directing a Full-staged production either in a college level, community theatre level, or professional level
2. College Degree in Theatre or Theatrical Directing
3. At least Two (2) full-staged productions (at the above levels) as an assistant director

Once your application is submitted we will ask you to attend an interview-style
meeting with the Board of Directors of BCT.  This is a chance for the board to
get to know you, learn more about your vision for the show and if you will be a good fit with the BCT.  This is informal meeting but it is the chance to “sell” yourself and vision of your show to BCT.

Selection Process:
The BCT Board will make its decision regarding selection of our production director based in part on the following criteria:

Director's Experience in Theatre
Like most community theatres, BCT is funded primarily by ticket sales, and every play that BCT produces is a financial risk. Thus, we must take into consideration a potential director's previous production experience, such as directing, assistant directing, and stage-managing.

Director's People Skills
BCT is a 100% volunteer-operated organization. People volunteer to participate in BCT productions because they love theatre, and because it is fun. No matter how brilliant your vision, your ability to work with people will determine whether or not those volunteers return to BCT in the future.

Communication of Vision
Your interview is your first chance to sell the BCT Board of Directors on your vision for the production.  Because we are a small community theatre, the board will be looking for a complete package – not just that you want to direct, but that you have ideas on how the staging will take place, and the type of crew you will need, from casting and scenic and light design, to assistant director(s) and stage manager(s). Many times, our directors are also involved in marketing the performance.    
PLEASE NOTE: Having a an assistant director(s), stage manager(s), Musical Director (during musicals), orchestra pit (during musicals), set/light/costume designers is highly encourage ahead of interview it is not required and BCT will help you (if selected) in securing these roles with qualified and capable people if needed.

Ability of BCT to Produce Your Vision
Across seasons, BCT's financial situation and available resources vary.   We ask that you maintain flexibility. You may want a three story set, or a stage that supports 300 dancers at one time, or to do the production play with arena seating. Unfortunately, we do not have our own facility and rent a facility so your vision may have to be flexible enough to allow any of those.

One final note, individuals who participate in BCT productions are volunteers and are not professionals.  These people have full-time jobs and lives and do theatre because of their love for theatre.  With that said please keep that in mind when scheduling rehearsals, and that people may not be able to attend every rehearsal planned.  We do ask for a preliminary absent list when auditioning so you can make a decision on your casting.  We do ask our actors to avoid absences the week before performance(s) and the week of performance(s) but leave it to the director to grant any absences during those times as they feel necessary.

Once this form has been submitted, an BCT representative will contact you about the next steps in our application process.  Question please don’t hesitate to send them to

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