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As the $2 million restoration of Albany's best documented historic site speeds toward the finish line, Historic Cherry Hill has launched the Collection Connection paver campaign. Your paver will join others in improving access to the Edward Frisbee Center for Collections & Research and better connect it with the collections exhibited in the 1787 historic structure. The Frisbee Center is home to 70,000 objects and documents directly related to the Van Rensselaer family, and together with the furnishings on display in the house, the two facilities attract a growing number of local, national, and international researchers.

Use the landscape of one of Albany's treasured historic sites to celebrate, memorialize, or give a gift to loved ones. Or let the world know about your favorite Cherry Hill object, story, family member, feature or historical snippet! Your support through the purchase of a brick (or two!) will help complete the restoration effort and grand re-opening to the public in 2019.

Please fill out the form below and submit electronically; you may also print this and mail it in. Payment may be made by check online ( with a note it's for a paver.

For questions, please call 518.434.4791 or email Thank you for your continual support!
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PLEASE NOTE: Please use the character limits and images below as guidelines when writing your inscription. 4” x 8” bricks are limited to 54 characters, including spaces and punctuation (if used). 8” x 8” bricks are limited to 108 characters, also including any spaces and punctuation.

The diagrams below can be helpful for mapping out the brick's inscription. Each block or rectangle in the diagram represents a single character t on your paver. Be sure to include an individual block for each space between words and any punctuation.
Please engrave our brick as follows:
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After clicking "submit," payment can be made by check payable to Historic Cherry Hill and mailed to 523 1/2 South Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12202. Or payment can be made online ( using any major credit card. Please include "paver" in the comment section.
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