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The Columbia Daily Spectator is excited to announce we will be adding an advice column to our fall 2019 columnist line up! Columbia is a big place and we could all use a little help unpacking the many emotional, academic, and interpersonal problems unloaded on us every day. Enter: Alma. Alma is an ANONYMOUS advice columnist intended to provide help with all of the problems not suitable for your academic advisor or university health services. She is not a trained therapist, and if your predicament is extremely time-sensitive or life threatening you should definitely seek a professional. Questions CAN however cover any range of topics, from serious to lighthearted. They should not include personal details you aren't comfortable publishing, nor any names of real individuals (on this front, if you include names, we'll assume they're pseudonyms). Questions are accepted on a rolling basis, and just because yours isn't published immediately doesn't mean it never will be. Your question will always be published anonymously, and we ask for your email solely to confirm your enrollment at Columbia (Alma will never see your email). For further questions, please reach out to the Opinion editors at,,, or
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