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EF Student Reading Survey
My teachers help students develop strategies while reading course-related materials. *
The work of comprehending reading materials takes place in the classroom. *
My teachers model and guide the learning. *
My teachers provide opportunities to talk about how readers make sense of text. *
Students use each other as resources to make sense of the text. *
Students respect and value problem-solving processes: classroom norms, risk taking, sharing confusions, knowledge and working together to solve comprehension problems. *
Student groups support collaboration and inquiry: students work independently, in pairs, in small groups, and as a class, depending on the task and the text. *
A shared vocabulary to describe reading processes and text features is evident in classroom talk, materials in use, and materials on display. *
Students are agents in the process of reading and learning: students actively inquire into text meaning, their own and others' reading processes, their strengths and weaknesses. *
Students are expected and supported to read extensively. *
Over time, students are expected and able to do more reading with less support from the teacher. *
Do you read during SSR+?
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