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Survey on Government's Ban on Drugs
A Gazette notification by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has banned 344 medicines of fixed drug combinations.
What do you feel about this ban? Please take this survey and we will present your views to the Ministry, media and the medical fraternity.

This survey will take less than 2 minutes of your valuable time; we request your feedback on this regulatory issue. If you would like to access the banned drugs list, please click here:

1.Do you agree the banned drugs have “no therapeutic justification” as claimed by the government?
2.How does the drug ban affect your reputation with patients?
3.How often did you prescribe drugs from the banned list in your day to day practice?
4.Is there a specific drug on the list which you feel should not have been banned? If Yes, please name the drug(s).
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5.How much do you think drug bans in advanced countries should be a leading indicator to ban of drugs in India?
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