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Ninja-IX Order Form
Welcome to the combined ordering form for the IX fabrics operated by Ninja-IX, formerly Phoenix-IX.

We operate exchanges in: Honolulu, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Richmond and Sacramento.

This form was last updated on January 1, 2019

Rules: Any party may connect to the Internet Exchange (IX) as long as they:

1)  Have an Autonomous System Number assigned by a Regional Internet Registry.

2)  Have public IP Space which may either be directly assigned by a Regional Internet Registry or by an upstream carrier.  Upstream carrier space must be listed in whois or rwhois.  Space less than a /24 IPV4 may not be accepted by other participants.

3)  Have an entry in that is maintained.

4)  Have a router capable of BGP4 and a minimum of gigabit single mode ethernet port available (copper and multimode connection options are available at some sites).

5) Establish and maintain a BGP Session to the router viewer / collector

6) Establish and maintain a BGP Session to either the Route Servers <OR> the IX Router

7) Agree to be listed on the public website for the IX as a participant.

8) Agree that services provided are best efforts and there is no warranty for services on the IX.  Further Participants agree that the venue for any claims against the IX is Arizona.  Requests to modify this, override this shall not be accepted.  Further Purchase Order terms in conflict with these provisions shall not be accepted.  Items marked Confidential may only be accepted with management approval.

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